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Inspired by people who create, innovate and dream big. We invent and reinvent entire categories and industries. We are enthusiastic about unique and often unexplored aspects of the law.

We are innovative and client focused

At Hawk and Dane, we can help with all the different areas of legal services your tech business may need, including company set up, guidance on data protection, IP protection, website or app terms and conditions and plenty more.

Our unmatched depth of expertise allows us to deliver advisory legal services on a wide range of needs – from major digital transformations for large organisations to software joint ventures between start-ups.

We provide the right advice and tools to protect and successfully exploit your new technologies and innovations around the world. Including, IP licences: copyright, know-how; advice on licensing deals; and advice on IP transfer and ownership issues.

Advising you across the full spectrum of privacy and data protection issues including-

draft guidelines and policies and advice on new applications and services involving personal information and data security risks

We help you cover your bases if you are involved in creating or developing something new. 

Self-serve your legal knowledge. Browse or search through our articles.

Our library of awesome free content is available for business owners, including legal services providers.

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