We provide a full range of legal services to our clients in the technology sector, from drafting and negotiating agreements through to advising on deals.

Data privacy and data protection

We have considerable experience assisting clients in the technology sector, from start-ups to established companies on data protection.

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Machine Learning and AI Advisory Services

Our advisors at Hawk & Dane curate advisory services that can be applied to—and adapted for—AI-based developments.

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Software development & licensing

Hawk & Dane’s advisors protect software developers by providing a full spectrum of intellectual property and licensing services.

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Hawk & Dane guides businesses in managing risk, protecting innovations and navigating regulatory challenges that accompany the adoption of Blockchain.

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Legal Templates for Tech Businesses

Download Free Legal Templates

Self-serve your legal basics. Browse or search through our templates, download what you need, and save your legal spend for the things that really matter.


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